We offer Mediation assignments, where we take care of the entire search for a new tenant. We will then work actively to find tenants specifically for your property, can take care of views, additional advertisements (if necessary), contract writing and key handover. As a landlord, choose yourself if you want to attend or not with us during the views.

Your ad will also be published in “Selected properties” on our site.

We are one of the few brokers who do not add extra rent on top of the landlords rent, so you do not have to pay thousands of SEK each month in fees.

The fee for a Mediation assignment is half a months rent including VAT. Fees are only payable on mediation. The fee is a onetime fee/tenant. 

For your safety, only clients who are creditworthy companies and individuals with an annual income above 400,000 SEK are provided.

After registration, we match your property to our applicants, and we are also looking for new speculators. Before viewing, you will be presented with the speculator, and decide if you want to proceed.

Authorization from landlord / BRF is always necessary.

Street number and contact details will not be visible in the ad.

The ad will be published after review, usually within 1-24 hours (weekdays).

Guidance to rental fees can be viewed here.

This service we only offer in Stockholm. Företagshem AB reserves the right to refuse mediation assignments.


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