In some cases, we can help private persons. The contract is then written directly to the resident. The resident needs a annual income above 400,000 SEK. However, many of our homes are only available to companies.

To start a search is free, our fee for the mediation will only be charged when/if you have found a property that you wish to rent. We are one of the few brokers who do not add extra rent on top of the landlords rent. The rent paid is 100% due to the landlord. This usually results in the rental amounts on our site being significantly lower. Instead, we charge a fixed one-time fee for a property, so you can easily see what the service costs. We offer one of the market’s lowest fees.

For special searches, for example when several colleagues/friends (3+) are to share a property, please contact us for a quote.

Credit check will be carried out.

There is no VAT on the rental amount.

Property mediation including Service package: Half of a months rent on the mediated property. VAT (25%) will be added. For calculating fee , see here.
Lowest fee charged is 5.000 SEK + VAT.
The Service package includes: Contract, personal broker during the rental process, new search assignment upon termination by the landlord and relocation within 6 months (applies to contract of 12 months +).



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